Human Resource Services

Sponsor a Student for the Summer

Human Resources, in partnership with the Office of New Haven and State Affairs is asking you to consider participating as a sponsor of worksite for youth from July 5, 2007 through Friday, August 10, 2007

The City of New Haven–Youth@Work-is a public-private partnership of the City of New Haven, the New Haven Board of Education, Workforce Alliance, the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and Empower New Haven.

As a sponsor of Youth@Work, you and your colleagues may help a student:

  • Establish connections with Yale Staff
  • Encourage responsibility and foster independence
  • Develop technical skills 
  • Develop communication/interpersonal skills
  • Clarify work values and future work preferences 
  • Form relationships with caring adults

Program Goals
While the program facilitates the placement of youth into jobs, this is not an employment program, but a training experience for youth to learn basic work skills by exposure to various workplace settings.  Specifically, the goals of the program are to:

  • Provide in-school youth, ages 14-19, with challenging and meaningful early work experiences, that stresses the development and practice of real world labor expectations.
  • Develop a continuum of education, employability and life skills development to encourage workplace readiness, post secondary education and self-sufficiency among youth.

For more information about sponsoring a student for your department, please contact Teretha Brooks at or 432-2092.  There is no department fee for training a summer student.  For information about the success of the program last summer, please contact:

2006 Yale University Participating Departments:

Lisa Gray Department of Internal Medicine 737-2484

Julie Kimball of Human Resources/Benefit 432-5550

Kate Reynolds of Human Resources/Internal Communications 432-9874

Robin Dean Mooring of Medical Library 785-6719

Barbara Campbell of New Haven Office and State Affairs 432-9630