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Tweed-New Haven

Developments at Tweed - New Haven Airport

Tweed Airport needs support to continue its development, especially from the Yale community! Please help the effort by passing on the following message to everyone possible.

Recent developments at Tweed Airport include major fare reductions by US Airways and the arrival of Pan Am's new Clipper Connection services. In addition, the DEP has recently approved Tweed's application for expansion of the "Runway Safety Zones." This approval allows Tweed to take advantage of an $18 million federal grant in order to implement the first phase of a four-phase master plan for development.

There are two ways that Tweed will increase its success and attract additional airlines: through expansion of the runway, and through utilization of existing carriers. Of course, Tweed does not work for all travel needs, but in order to help, local travelers should utilize Tweed Airport whenever possible. The news about Pan Am's new services and US Airway's major fare reductions need to be communicated with everyone. Please contribute to this effort by sending this message to as many people as possible. Tweed has flyers available to use as newsletter inserts, and Tweed Airport Marketing will also write brief articles for newsletters or other printed media.

Tweed-New Haven Airport is open to any additional suggestions and ideas you may have. Working together, the airport will be able to grow and offer travelers more flight options to more destinations. Please keep the marketing team informed of any communications that are distributed.

To request flyers or written material about Tweed's developments, or to ask any questions about the airport, feel free to contact David Greco at 203-946-6926 (Mon-Wed) or 203-469-4536.

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