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Campus Mail Tips: Mail for Departing Faculty and Staff

We are once again approaching the end of the school year and the departure of many students, faculty and staff.  Remind departing people not to fill out a Change of Address card with the US Post Office as it will only be returned to their department for handling.  What should a departing person do? 

  1. Prepare a sheet of labels with their new address so you can be easily forwarded their mail.  This sheet can be photo copied as needed.  Don't forget to cross off the bar codes!  Bar codes consist of lines and numbers on both the front and back.
  2. Set a time limit for forwarding mail.  Three months is usually sufficient time for them to update their address.
  3. Use the Junk Mail Program after the three month period for their mail.

Three simple steps, but using them will save your department a lot of time and effort.