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Campus Mail Tips: USPS One-on-One Sessions

Have you ever wanted to drop in on your US Postal Service representatives to just ask a question or find out about a problem you are having?  This is your opportunity!

Yale's two US Postal Service representatives, Barbara Burdick and Linda Vitrella, would like to make themselves available through the summer to anyone at Yale that would like to speak with them.  They will be available once a month in the central area and once a month in the medical area for anyone to drop in to discuss whatever mail related issues you have.  This months session will be:

Thursday, June 7th - 1-3 PM - SHM Rotunda, 333 Cedar Street

Ask questions -- find solutions -- better understand the new shape-based pricing -- bring samples of your problems to show them.  They are here to answer your questions.  No appointments.  Mark your calendar!  You are the customer - they are here to help you.