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June is Child College Scholarship Application Month

Now is the time to apply for the Scholarship for Sons and Daughters of the Faculty and Staff of Yale University for the academic year 2007/2008.  If eligible, you should submit your application to the Benefits Office this month.  Please see instructions listed below.

To qualify for the Scholarship benefit, the following criteria must be met:

The employee/parent of the student must be a regular full-time member of faculty or staff and have completed six (6) years of continuous full-time employment preceding the date of the student’s matriculation.  Full-time for faculty is 100% appointment and for staff is 35 or more hours per week.

An employee who has experienced a break in service can take advantage of another formula for eligibility.  He or she may receive credit for four (4) years of previous full-time employment and must also complete an additional four (4) years of current continuous full-time employment for a total of eight (8) years.  The formula for eligibility that qualifies an employee sooner will be used.

A qualified student must be under age 25, enrolled full-time at an accredited four (4) year or two (2) year undergraduate college and be a candidate for either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.  He or she must maintain an acceptable academic record that would qualify for financial aid.

For new students to the program, a copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport must accompany the initial application.

For returning students, applications must be renewed each year.

To access and print the application form, click here .

Complete both the student and employee sections of the form with signatures and forward to the Benefits Office.  Follow the additional directions included with the application.

Adopted or Step Children may qualify if certain conditions are met.  Click here for more information, .

An itemized full-time tuition bill must be sent to the Benefits Office each semester/term for payment.  The scholarship award will be made directly to the child’s college for one half (1/2) of the tuition up to the academic year maximum of $14,200 ($7,100 per semester), whichever amount is less.

Additional information regarding the Child scholarship program may be found on line at

If you have a question regarding whether or not your application and/or tuition bill was received, please contact the HR Transaction Center via e-mail at or by calling (203) 432-3801

All other questions may be directed to the Benefits Office via e-mail at or by calling (203) 432-5550.