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Parking and Transit Introduces Transit Visualization System

Don’t get caught waiting for a bus! Yale Parking and Transit is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Transit Visualization System which allows you to view buses in real-time from your PC, Web-enabled phone, or PDA. Simply visit to see all shuttle routes, or choose to display only the route in which you are interested.

Now you can leave your office “just in time” to catch a ride to your next campus destination. Give up the hassle of moving your car from one lot to another—take the bus! It’s free to the Yale Community, and now you can avoid a wait. Check the "Announcements" section for road conditions and up-to-the-minute weather and traffic information.

If, when visiting the website, you get a blank screen, please follow the on-screen instructions to load JavaScript onto your PC. After doing so, close and reopen your browser to the TVS site and you will see all shuttles in real-time.