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Campus Mail Tips: International Mail Simplified

How should international mail be addressed?  What should I be aware of before mailing to foreign countries?  What is the correct postal code?   We are all confused from time to time by the requirements countries put on mailings, but knowing where to go for the correct information will make the task a simple one. 
The Postal Explorer: is an excellent resource.  Click on the link for International Country Listings which brings you to a screen that lists all countries.  Click on the country in question. The postal code for that country will be displayed near the bottom of the page.  The page is also packed with data on what can and cannot be mailed to that particular country. 

The US Postal Service also offers an International Mail Manual:
and an International Resource Center:

Global mail will speed your mail to anywhere using the simple tools for letters and packages at Check these excellent references and bookmark pages of particular interest for quick reference.