SciQuest News and Updates

SciQuest Upgraded to Version 7.1 on 3/18/07

Enhancements include:

  • Additional details can be viewed in search results
    • Manufacturer name and catalog number, CAS#, chemical formula, more information link, etc.
  • Add-to-cart icon based on favorite or preferred vendor
  • Access forms from favorites in search results (ie: non-catalog form)


Changed your mind about an order?  Do you need to relieve old commitments? 

If you made a mistake or changed your mind about a purchase that you just placed or you have old commitments on your financial statements, it is important to close your purchase orders.

How to Close a Purchase Order:

Use the new ‘Close PO Form’ in the SciQuest application under ‘Forms.’ (Further instructions for processing are included on the form.)

ADDITIONALLY, if you need to stop the delivery of the goods you ordered, you must contact the supplier directly to instruct them that you no longer need the order.  Do this immediately as most suppliers are very quick to fulfill orders.

When Purchasing Services receives your documentation, they will 'finally close' the PO making it unavailable for use.  This includes future payment of invoices.

How to track a cancelled order created in SciQuest:  (Click on the link below.)

Using SciQuest to order from the Medical or Kline Stockrooms

Using SciQuest to place orders with Yale Stockrooms is a recommended best business practice.  Using this method provides users with the full benefits of SciQuest.  Please note that the Stockroom only pulls and delivers large case orders.  Otherwise, users should continue to visit the Stockroom to retrieve their products.  Click here to read more about SciQuest and Stockroom procedures:

Henry Schein Veterinary Supply added to SciQuest Hosted Catalog!

You can now use SciQuest’s powerful search engine to locate Henry Schein Veterinary Supply products in SciQuest’s Hosted Catalog.   You will also be able to easily compare prices and save items to Favorites to improve order efficiency.   Here’s how you place a Hosted Catalog product in your cart:

If a product does not appear in the Hosted Catalog but you are aware of its availability, use the Non-Catalog Request to place the item in your SciQuest cart.