Address Verification Improves Express Shipping Accuracy

To help identify address errors prior to shipment the "Address Verification" functionality in Accuship will be enabled on April 2, 2007.
  Address Verification verifies the address entered in the Recipient Field against the official records of the US Post Office.

Important Note: Address verification will only work for Domestic shipments, not international.

The address verification pop-up box (see below) is not an error message and will not prevent you from completing the shipping label.  It will offer a suggestion to which you will have three choices: Continue (to leave the original address without change and continue to next step), Select (to replace the original address with the suggested address), or cancel (to close the window and return to the Recipient screen to edit).

If you have questions on Address Verification in Accuship, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 785-3200, 432-9000 or