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TMS Feature Valuable for Business Managers

The My Orgs feature of the Training Management System (TMS) website is available to help business managers’ track completion of regulatory training and forms. Through this online tool you will be able to view which individuals have not completed their assessment and/or have outstanding training needs. Running reports with this function will make it easier to pinpoint areas that need more focus.

As a Business Manager you have access to all individual training profiles and can run reports on both assessment and training data. Not only can you determine who still needs to take the assessment and complete training, but you will be able to complete the assessment for employees in your orgs.

To gain access to My Orgs please send requests to tmsadm@yale.edu. The following user information should be included:

a. Name
b. Net ID
c. Org(s) to which you need access

If you have any questions about TMS, including the My Orgs tool, please contact
Jessica Hammatt, Jessica.hammatt@yale.edu, 432-1552 or
Erin Jarett, erin.jarett@yale.edu, 432-6585