Initiator Soon to Be Required on All Procurement Transactions

In addition to capturing the Preparer and Approver on all procurement transactions, the transaction ‘Initiator,’ is soon to be required

What is an Initiator?

  • The transaction Initiator is the person who requested that the goods/or services be ordered and who determines that the costs are reasonable, allowable and allocable to the source of funds.   This role can be delegated by the Principal Investigator (PI).
  • NOTE: The Preparer is the person who places the order or prepares the form, on direction from the Initiator.  The Preparer can also be the Initiator.  The Approver is an administrator, business manager or duly authorized designee of a department, unit or business support center; having budgetary responsibility for the transaction involved.

What is the importance of capturing the Initiator?

  • In order to improve University-wide compliance, going forward the Initiator will be consistently captured and stored in the Data Warehouse for easy retrieval and reference on financial reports.

How do I record the Initiator on the transaction?

  • SciQuest –built-in functionality prompts the user to enter the Initiator.
  • EMS - Only record the Initiator in the “Item Comments” field if a Department Purchasing Card was used.  For Individual cards, the Initiator is assumed to be the Cardholder.
  • WIP and all other paper transactions - use the rubber stamp that will be provided by the Controller’s Office for this purpose on your corresponding paper transaction and fill in the Initiator by hand.

Where can I get more information?

  • Check Request form & instructions (3401 FR.02)
  • Check Request procedure (3401 PR.02)
  • Submitting Invoices for Payment procedure(3401 PR.01)
  • WIP Approver Checklist guide (3401 GD.02)
  • General Payment policy (Policy 3401)
  • Requisition form & instructions (3201 FR.02)
  • Requisition procedure (3201 PR.01)
  • General Purchasing policy (Policy 3201)
  • SciQuest application & documentation (

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