Payroll Information

Important Payroll Information

Reminder:  2006 Form W-2s are available online for all W-2 recipients with active Yale assignments, and will continue to be available throughout the year for reprints as needed.  Website URL

While use of the self-service application is strongly encouraged, the Web W-2 service is not mandatory. You will not be required to use the web application to receive your Form W-2.  Therefore, you should be receiving your paper Form W-2, unless you specifically consented to receive your Form W-2 electronically from the website. 

We realize that not every employee has access to a computer or printer. Therefore, the Payroll Department has a computer and printer set up to access and print Form W-2's.  If you already have your NetID and pin number, you can use this computer located in the Payroll Office, Room 100 of 155 Whitney Avenue.

Forms 1042-S
for the calendar year 2006 will be distributed by March 15, 2007.

Please call Payroll with any questions at 432-8759 or e-mail at