Risk Management

Reporting Workers' Compensation Claims

It is essential for supervisors to report employee injuries to the Office of Risk Management as early as possible by completing a “First Report of Injury” form.  The “First Report of Injury” form can be found on the Office of Risk Management website at

When an employee comes to you and tells you they have been injured at work, or as soon as you are notified an employee has been injured, supervisors are to complete the “First Report of Injury” form and distribute it according to the instructions listed at the top of the form. This is the only way to trigger a workers’ compensation claim, and prompt reporting is vital to the effective management of the claim.  This must be done even if you feel there are questions about the legitimacy or the degree of disability.  Failure of Management to report a claim could be in violation of the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation statute.

The Office of Risk Management is happy to come and speak with your group regarding this process, the benefits provided by the statute, and the responsibilities of all parties involved.  If you’re interested in scheduling one of these informative meetings, or if you have any questions regarding workers’ compensation, please feel free to contact Marje Lemmon at 2-0140.