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Learning Center Course Schedule

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Course Date
New Employee Orientation for Existing Employees Feb 12
Making Your Resume Work for You Feb 14, 28
Pathways I Feb 19, 21, Mar 2
How to Excel at the Front Desk Feb 20
Supervisory Education Program: Shifting Perspectives Looking at Roles & Work Differently Feb 22
New Employee Orientation for Existing Employees Feb 26
Energizing Your Team for Results Feb 27
Business Writing Feb 28, Mar 7
Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Behavior Feb 28
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Supervisors Mar 1
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Employees Mar 1
FOCUS: Goal Setting for Supervisors and Employees Mar 1
Cover Letter Workshop Mar 5
Managing Your Career at Yale Mar 6
What Would You Do?: Workplace Ethics Mar 6
Supervisory Education Program: What to Say and How to Say It for NEW Supervisors and Managers Mar 8
Pathways II Mar 13, 14
Pathways I Mar 15, 26, Apr 3
Supervisory Education Program: Introduction to Supervising & Managing People Mar 20, 29
Preparing for the Job Interview Mar 21, 28
Communication: Effective Listening Mar 21
Customer Service for Front Line Service Providers Mar 22
Supervisory Education Program: Managing Up Mar 22
Mistake-Free Grammar & Proofreading Mar 27
Business Writing Mar 28, Apr 4
Self-Esteem for Women Mar 30