International Update
Community Friends Program

"Host" a Yale International Student

Would you like to . . .
Learn about other countries and cultures?
Share your favorite activities and traditions with a new friend?
Welcome an international student to the New Haven community?

Then you would make a great Community Friend of a Yale International Student!

“I love this program. It is an opportunity for Mary and I to make friends with Yale international students and learn about their studies, interests, country and culture. It has been a wonderful way to broaden our knowledge of another culture and country, to hear a 'local' perspective on their country's events in the news and to learn how they view world events. We are hosting our third student this year and they have all been terrific.”

                                     -- Arthur Hunt, Yale ITS

The Office of International Students and Scholars at Yale is pleased to announce the expansion of Community Friends of Yale International Students, a program that aims to promote intercultural understanding and create global friendships by matching international students with residents of the Greater New Haven area. Community Friends (formerly called Hosts for International Students) has been very successful at the undergraduate level and will now be open to international graduate students.

Community Friends helps students get accustomed to life in the US, gives hosts the opportunity to learn about other cultures and perspectives, and plants the seeds for a potentially life-long friendship. Hosts and students keep in touch throughout the academic year and meet occasionally to share a meal or activity. The Office of International Students and Scholars also organizes events for students and hosts during each semester.

We are currently looking for volunteers to serve as hosts to international graduate students. Individuals, couples, and families of all sizes are invited to participate.

For more information about the Community Friends program, please visit Contact Abigail Borchert at or 432-2305 with any questions.