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Yale Enters 10-Week Recycling Contest with Rival Schools

Everyone at Yale will be participating in a 10-week long competition against colleges and universities around the country from January 28 through April 7.  Sponsored by the EPA, this contest challenges each school to outperform its rivals by increasing recycling and decreasing waste.  Yale ran in the middle of the pack last year, coming in behind Harvard and other notable schools in most categories (

Let us meet this year's challenge with a resolve to improve our ranking in 2007.

Here is how you can help Yale win this year:

  • Come to the RecycleMania Rally on Beinecke Plaza (Hewitt Quadrangle) on Thursday, February 1st.
  • Recycle all of your paper, cans, bottles and boxes.
  • Contact Yale Recycling to have members of the Outreach/Education Team visit your office with refreshments and a brief presentation.
  • Make sure everyone in your office has desk-side recycling boxes for Mixed Paper.
  • Check out the Yale Recycling web site ( or call 432-6852 for more information.
  • Read about the contest in the Yale Daily News:
  • Wear your Yale Recycling button. Request some for you and your colleagues from

You recycle.
We all win.