VIP Ordering

VIP Transition Update: After 1/31/07, Use VIP on Shipping Labels through AccuShip ONLY!

e-Shipping Update:

  • As of 1/31/07, legacy use of VIP numbers on express shipping labels for FedEx, UPS and DHL has been de-supported.  This includes hand-written and pre-printed shipping labels with FedEx, UPS and DHL.  These shipping labels must be created in AccuShip, Yale’s express shipping solution.  For information on implementing AccuShip in your department, go to or contact  We expect to complete the express shipping conversion by the end of FY07.

e-Procurement Update:

  • Through your participation and the help of outreach captains at  Science Hill and the School of Medicine, University-wide deployment of SciQuest was completed in late December 2006!  In parallel, the de-support of legacy VIP ordering with suppliers was also substantially completed. 

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