Student Reimbursements

UPI for Student Reimbursements

REMINDER:  Please use a UPI rather than Social Security Number (SSN) when processing a Check Request for student reimbursementAt all other times, use Social Security Numbers on Check Requests including the processing of service payments (i.e. honoria, prizes, awards) to students.

What’s a UPI?

As part of the University’s Privacy and Identity Protection Project, a unique, numeric identifier has been created for each member of the Yale community, which will reduce the need to use the Social Security Number (SSN) on paper documents and in electronic systems. This unique identifier, known as the University Person Identifier (UPI), is an 8-position number that is permanently assigned to each individual.

Unlike the SSN, the UPI is merely an identifier for use within Yale to efficiently identify individuals and to differentiate between those with similar names thereby protecting an individual's SSN. Knowledge of a person’s UPI will not facilitate identity theft, nor will it facilitate access to confidential information. The UPI is included with other information currently available to on-campus users through the Yale Online Directory. Simply type the individual's name followed by the words return all. (e.g. "John Doe return all")

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