SciQuest:  Delete/Add User, Find Suppliers, Add-Ons, Office Supply Deliveries

Deleting and Adding Access for SciQuest Users

When a Yale employee transfers to a new department or leaves the University, as part of your termination checklist activities please be sure to delete the user's access to SciQuest via START. This does not happen automatically.

SciQuest access for transferred staff members must be re-established via START by the business manager of the new department.  Please ensure that SciQuest users establish their profile defaults in SciQuest to reflect their move in the University.

Should you have any questions regarding SciQuest user setups via START, please contact the ITS Help Desk at, 785-3200 or 432-9000.

Where’s My Supplier?

As a Best Practice, query for suppliers in SciQuest using a "*" ( a ‘wildcard’) on either side of the supplier’s name.

Ex.  “*poland*” will ensure that you find “NESTLE WATERS NORTH AMERICA DBA POLAND SPRING WATER CO” if you are looking for the company formally known as “Poland Spring.”

Think Twice Before “Super-Sizing” Your Order

It may be OK to super-size your Coke or add an order of fries to your fast food order at the last minute; however, it’s important to refrain from ‘add-ons’ when ordering at Yale.  Adding onto an order that has already been submitted circumvents our Yale internal controls and causes invoice errors that make it difficult to pay the supplier. 

Always begin a new order when you need additional goods and services even when you have just placed an order.  The good news is that you can easily replicate a SciQuest order by using the ‘Copy Cart’ feature if you are interested in increasing the quantity of the same item just ordered.

Office Supply Orders Via Sciquest Require Complete Desktop Address

ALERT:  If you place orders for office supplies with Corporate Express via SciQuest, please be sure to use your desktop shipping location complete with building and room number to receive your orders within the promised delivery time.  Yale office supply purchasers enjoy next-day delivery services for over 99% of our orders.  To ensure that your deliveries arrive promptly, please double-check the following:

  • I have added a desktop delivery address to My Profile in SciQuest.  This is typically notyour default address when you start using SciQuest.  Hint:  This address must start with 'YD' which stands for 'Yale Direct.'  If you do not see your location in the Select Address Template drop-down list, please contact
  • I have added my Building/Room # to my 'YD' address in SciQuest.  Without this, the Corporate Express delivery person cannot locate you.
  • I have selected my desktop delivery address for my Corporate Express orders.  Tip: If the majority of your orders are with Corporate Express, you can make this address your default address by checking the 'Default' checkbox.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up a desktop delivery address in SciQuest, please go to and view the brief video called 'Profile Basics - Add a Shipping Address' located under the 'Updating Your Profile' section.  These instructions are also available in a Word document to the right of video link.