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Campus Mail Tips: Name Confusion

You know who you are and where your mail should be sent, but your incoming mail may not contain that necessary address information. Every day Yale’s mail clerks spend time looking up names to be certain the mail is directed correctly. Mail with names the clerks are unable to locate is sent in to the office for further investigation. During the week of December 14, one staff member looked up almost 400 pieces of mail, put green stickers on it and forwarded it to the intended recipients. Ten percent of the mail had to be returned.

Unfortunately, Campus Mail is not always able to determine who the intended recipient is. When initials are used and then coupled with an insufficient address, the mail clerks may not be able to determine who the recipient is. Many people have similar names and even more have matching initials.

Campus mail makes every effort to locate each addressee, but it needs your help. Be certain to always use your box number, not your street address, on all incoming U.S. mail. The, your mail will be delivered without delay or confusion.

REMEMBER: Avoid unnecessary delays and confusion - always use your box number!