VIP Ordering Process

Important Reminder: Legacy VIP Ordering Desupported 1-1-07

Dear Staff,
I am writing to remind you of a significant change to the way you order goods and services from Yale contract suppliers that took effect on January 1, 2007.

As you have read in recent emails from President Levin and Vice President Dorothy Robinson, the University is undergoing an intensive review of its sponsored research-related business practices. The legacy approach of using VIP numbers to order goods and services (most often by telephone) is a source of billing errors. In order to address this situation, a new online ordering system (called "SciQuest") to replace the VIP ordering process has been deployed across the University. Depart-ments are now sharply focused on providing access to any users who do not yet have access and on discontinuing the use of the legacy VIP ordering approach.

As part of this change in ordering approach, effective January 1, 2007, Yale contract suppliers will no longer accept VIP orders as a valid method for ordering goods and services. For most Yale contract suppliers, a SciQuest Purchase Order is now the recommended ordering approach and replaces the VIP ordering approach. For most suppliers not in SciQuest, the Yale Purchasing Card is the recommended ordering approach.

Please note that you can and should still use your VIP numbers in the SciQuest online ordering solution for purchasing supplies and equipment and in the Accuship express shipping solution to place your express shipping orders.

To summarize, effective January 1, 2007, Yale contract suppliers have been instructed not to accept a VIP number for ordering goods or services. Going forward, the VIP number will only be for internal Yale use, as shorthand for Yale charging instructions (PTAOs).

Please contact your business office at your earliest convenience to ensure that your area is prepared for this conversion and to ensure that you have access and understand how to take advantage of all of the features offered by Yale's new online ordering system.

Training opportunities remain available to support remaining users converting to the new SciQuest ordering solution.
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Thank you for your attention to this important communication. Please contact your business manager, me ( or Brenda Naegel ( with any questions or for assistance.

John Mayes