Human Resource Services
Flexible Spending Accounts

Claiming 2006 Flexible Spending Account Expenses

Participants have the “grace period” extension from January 1 through March 15, 2007 to incur eligible expenses, if necessary, to use any remaining money in their 2006 flexible spending accounts before losing that balance.

Claim forms may be found at and claims should be sent directly to ADP no later than April 30, 2007 to avoid forfeiture. Questions regarding claim reimbursements, expense eligibility or account balances should be directed to ADP, 1-800-654-6695.

Participants may access their ADP accounts to view balance information and claim reimbursement history through the Yale Employee Self-Service site at by following the instructions outlined below:

--Click on the yellow Employee Self-Service button.
--At the CAS (Central Authentication Service) Screen, employees should enter their Yale Net ID and password.
--Once in Employee Self-Service, under the section labeled “My Personal Benefits,” click on the View button to the right of “ADP Flexible Spending Claims.”

Claiming 2007 Flexible Spending Account Expenses

The automatic transfer of claims feature is available to staff for expenses incurred during the 2007 plan year. This new feature should make reimbursements for most 2007 eligible medical and dental claims easier for Yale staff because there is less paperwork.

Staff members who have authorized this automatic transfer feature will find that their Yale health insurance carrier (Yale Health Plan, Aetna or Delta Dental) will submit automatically to ADP co-pay, deductible and co-insurance claims for them and other eligible covered family members. Participants will not need to submit claim forms for these types of expenses, and reimbursements can be direct deposited to the same bank account to which the staff's Yale paycheck is deposited (if the participant has elected to do so. Claims for other types of eligible services, such as vision wear and over-the-counter medicine, will still have to be submitted with paper claim forms to ADP.

If you haven’t already selected the automatic-transfer-of-claims feature or direct deposit for FSA reimbursements, you can do so at any time during the year by contacting the Yale Benefits Office( and completing the appropriate form.