RIS Billing Information

RIS Billing Information Now Available through BUG Library

RIS would like to thank all business managers for their cooperation during the transition to the new RIS billing system. With a few limited exceptions (which appear on monthly Telecom statements), all current RIS design, print, copy and mailing charges are now listed on the RIS monthly statements which are printed and distributed through campus mail at the end of each month.

The new RIS billing system reduces the number of separate charges exported to Oracle and provides for each charge in Oracle the following helpful identifying information:

• the name and net ID of the person who placed the order
• a short job name
• the RIS invoice number
• the RIS e-request number

RIS wants to be sure business managers are aware that the printed RIS monthly statements are generated from Oracle data in the Data Warehouse using a Brio developed for this purpose. This Brio can be found via a link on the RIS website to BUG 605a, also listed in the “***NEW***”, “General Financial”, “Reference”, and “Transactions” sections of the BUG Report Library.

If you have Data Warehouse access, RIS hopes that you’ll use it to run your own RIS billing reports if and when you would like. When you use BUG 605a, please select the “view report” option in order to see the data in the same format as on the enclosed reports. You can also export the data to Excel from the “view results” option.

Remember, this report excludes any charges billed using the old system. Copies of individual invoices will be provided upon request.