Invoice Holds

Tips for Avoiding Invoice Holds

Top 3 reasons for invoice holds:

  • Missing or invalid approval
  • Missing or invalid charging
  • Required information is not ledgible

How to avoid holds:

  • Include a valid START approver on all transactions
  • Include valid charging (PTAEO or VIP) on all transactions
  • Be sure all information is printed ledgibly on all transactions.

Here are a few more helpful tips:

  • Maintain valid and descriptive VIP numbers in your department.
  • Use the PTAEO Validator to ensure the accuracy of PTAEO charging instructions before using them on an invoice.
  • Verify that a vendor has been created before submitting an invoice.
  • Obtain accurate pricing for purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Avoid “add-on’s” to orders.  Start a new order.

NOTE:  Before contacting Accounts Payable Services, verify status of transactions and vendors using Procurement Inquiry.  Here’s how: