Transaction Processing

Holiday Tips for Transaction Processing

Throwing a holiday bash in your department?  Time to pause... before playing
“Santa Claus!”

The Holiday season is upon us!  Do you know the University policy related to social events, entertainment and gift-giving to staff as well as the acceptance of gifts from Yale suppliers?
Here are a few of the frequently-asked-questions we hear from the Yale community around
the holidays:

Is a holiday gathering an allowable business expense?

A holiday gathering can be sponsored from University funds provided that the event is reasonably modest in nature and is limited to one event per year for each department or major subsection. (See Policy 3302 for details.) 


  • Events with total costs <$1000 may be authorized by the Department Business Administrator
  • Events with total costs >$1000 must be authorized by the Dean, Chair, Major Department Head, or a designee.

May I have a party in my sub-unit even though my department is throwing a party?

Departments should make every effort to consolidate holiday activities among their various units to ensure that the total cost for the department is reasonable and prudent. (See Policy 3302 for details.)

May I purchase holiday gifts for my staff using University funds? 

No.  University funds may not be used to purchase gifts for any individual in recognition of events such as Secretaries' Day, birthdays, holidays or childbirth. (See Policy 3303 for details.)

May I personally receive a gift from a Yale vendor?

No.  Yale faculty and staff may not personally accept any material gift, gratuity, or other payment, in cash or in kind, from any vendor seeking to do business with Yale or currently doing business with Yale.  (See Policy 2201 and Standards of Conduct for details.)

Should you have questions regarding these types of transactions, please contact for advice.