International Update
One-on-One Conversations at Yale

Volunteer Across Cultures

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) still urgently needs volunteers for One-on-One Conversations, a program that connects international visitors at Yale with an English-speaking volunteer to share and exchange culture and conversation. Visitors from over 110 countries eagerly seek to make connections - to meet Americans, practice English and become more familiar with U.S. culture.

While over 120 matches have been made, there are still many waiting to begin. Your participation could make all the difference to an international visitor. The time commitment is minimal, and the benefits are great, such as gaining the opportunity to expand and refine cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, as well as spreading goodwill in the community that will cross nations and cultures.

Interested individuals can get details or sign up for One-on-One Conversations on the web at Any questions? Contact Elisabeth Kennedy at or tel. 432-2305