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Improvements Underway to Streamline Staffing and Recruitment

Human Resources is in the process of implementing a new state-of-the-art recruiting and job-posting system that will complement its team of staffing and recruitment professionals. The new Strategic Talent-management and Recruitment System (STARS) will help create a stronger partnership among hiring managers, HR staff, and other groups and individuals who support the staffing and recruitment activities at the University. The objective of STARS is to create world-class recruiting expertise through one seamless and fully integrated recruiting and hiring process.

“In order to help Yale achieve its mission, one of the most important priorities for Human Resources,” says Robert Schwartz, associate vice president and chief Human Resources Officer, “is to ensure that our recruitment and staffing efforts attract, place, develop and retain the most qualified and talented individuals in all positions across the University. I’m confident that STARS will support this priority we’ve set for ourselves.”

Kenexa Brass Ring, a leading provider of talent-management solutions, has been selected as the vendor for this new talent-management and recruitment system. Development is underway and the new system is scheduled to be piloted in late January 2007. Campus-wide roll-out should begin in February and run through mid-2007. System demonstrations and feedback sessions will take place across campus in January. The STARS website ( goes live on December 8.

“We feel that Kenexa Brass Ring is just the right tool to help Human Resources effectively partner with Yale departments during recruitment and staffing,” says STARS Team Co-leader Judy Offutt. “Hiring managers will like the fact that the process is more transparent, and applicants will benefit from a range of features that includes the ability to autofit their qualifications to job openings.”

It was in campus-wide focus groups that Yale staff asked to be better informed throughout the recruitment and staffing process; recommended a streamlined system for job postings; and requested the pre-screening of candidates for open positions. These suggestions have been incorporated into Yale’s new recruitment and staffing process.

STARS will enable job seekers to:
• apply for positions easily through the internet anytime;
• set up searches for specific jobs to run 24/7 and receive email notification as
soon as one matches your criteria;
• conveniently create, update, and save your résumé, apply for more than one
Position at a time, or search for job openings that meet your specific criteria;
• store versions of your résumé online in one secure place;
• know the status of your application through
personalized email notifications at important steps
along the way.

If you are a business or hiring manager, the benefits
of STARS will include:

• reduced paperwork­no paper résumés or records to copy or lose;
• direct access to state-of-the-art technology, which will make filling your position easier and faster than before;
• a more transparent recruitment and placement process that will let you know the status of your recruitment efforts every step of the way;
• an automated approval tracking process that makes authorization quicker and easier;
• a broader applicant pool of skilled individuals, which will provide more strategic choices in filling your position;
• automated processing, which will let you run mission-critical reports, or create your own for export to Excel.