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Campus Mail Tips: Large Campus Mailings

PROPER BUNDLING: We seem to be receiving more and more unsorted large campus mailings. Please keep in mind that all large mailings sent out via campus mail must be presorted by the sending department.

  • MAILING TO CENTRAL & SCIENCE AREAS: Sort by street address. Rubber band each address of two or more separately. For example, all for 17 Hillhouse would go in one bundle; all for 10 Hillhouse would be in another bundle.
  • MAILING TO MEDICAL AREA: Sort by department. Rubber band each department separately.

MAIL CODES: If your label information contains mail codes, save yourself work! Have your computer sort the labels in mail code order. Rubber band each code of two or more separately.

SCHEDULING A PICK-UP: VERY IMPORTANT! If your mailing fills more than one white mail bucket, don't forget to call the Campus Mail office at 4-9310 the day before to let us know you have a large mailing to be picked up. If we don't know about your mailing in advance, we may not have room for it on our truck.

Your mailings are important - prepare them properly so that Campus Mail can process them for next day delivery!

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