SciQuest Deployment Update

Procurement sends its congratulations and thanks to the SciQuest deployment teams at the Medical School and on Science Hill! All business offices are "on-board" and using SciQuest. Goal #1 has been successfully achieved. Onward to Goal #2: transitioning legacy VIP (usually via phone or fax) ordering to SciQuest before the Christmas break.

Deployment Highlights:

  • Effective 11/1/06 legacy VIP use is officially de-supported at the Medical School and Science Hill VIP.  Ordering should now be via SciQuest or an approved alternate ordering approach. Deployment focus for the Medical School and Science Hill has now shifted to on-boarding any remaining users and converting any remaining legacy VIP ordering by 12/1/06.
  • All departments beyond the Medical School and Science Hill should now also focus on getting on-board and on converting off of legacy VIP ordering by 12/1/06.
  • University-wide contract suppliers have met with Procurement on several occasions and been formally informed in about this transition.  Information about this conversion for suppliers is available online at:
  • SciQuest Standing Orders – Procurement and select pilot departments are currently testing how Sciquest might be used to create stand orders.  “Standing Orders” are purchase orders that allocate a specified dollar amount over a specified period of time for the purchase of particular goods or services. 

Suppliers who deliver goods/services on a periodic basis and are candidates for this type of order include: 

Compressed Gases:  Esquire Gas, AirGas, Techair

Water Services:  Poland Springs

Laundry Services: Riverside Laundry

Temporary Services:  Bill May/Jackie Matchett, Randstad

Equipment Maintenance Services (office copiers):  BBI Technologies

A procedure including examples detailing  how to create standing orders in SciQuest will be published and communicated when the pilot testing is completed.  Please stay tuned!