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Who to Call? Procurement Staff Directory

Do you have a question for Procurement?  Yale University Procurement is pleased to announce that we have improved the accessibility of our directory and our ability to answer your questions rapidly.  Here’s a quick reference:

Accounts Payable Services and Vendor Setup Requests: or 432-5394 for all inquiries.  If specialized assistance is needed, your concern will be promptly forwared to the appropriate staff member.

Purchasing Services: or contact a buyer or purchasing assistant (see Yale Buying Guide.)  For additional assistance, please contact 432-9955.

Purchasing Card Program: or contact a Yale Purchasing Card representative at 432-3227.

Procurement Systems (Oracle, SciQuest, EMS) or contact an ITS Help Desk representative at 432-9000 or 785-3200.  They are well-equipped to triage calls and will escalate calls to the appropriate Procurement staff member as necessary.

General Procurement: for all other inquiries.

For more information, please visit the Procurement directory at Yale University Procurement is committed to serving you!

Did you know that over half of the calls to Procurement are in regard to a transaction’s status?  Yale’s self-service Procurement Inquiry tool is an excellent way to query the status of a transaction!

Need access to Procurement Inquiry? Request access at:

(It will appear that you are registering for a class on X-Train; however, the system is only used to request access.)

For online tutorials for Procurement Inquiry, visit this link.