Oracle Training Classes
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Corporate Express: Online Ordering of Office Supplies
Internet Procurement - Temporarily Suspended
Office Supplies: Online Ordering with Corporate Express
Purchasing Card Training
Travel and Expense Reimbursement (Distributed Authority)
Simple Web Allocation Process (SWAP)
VIP Number Requests and Assignments
Web Invoice Payment (WIP)

Procurement Inquiry (Responsibility Only)

Human Resources
C&T, Casual and Student Payroll
Casual Employee Setup and General Employee Maintenance
View HR Records with Salaries Responsibility (Medical School Employees Only)
General Accounting
Custom Commitments Responsibility
Effort Reporting and Certification
Journal Entry/Staging Area (JSA)
Labor Distribution (LD)
Receipts Identification Form - Cash Receipts (RIF)
Financial Planning
Data Warehouse Reporting for HR/LD/Payroll
Data Warehouse Reporting for New Users
Introduction to Brio Query 6
Budgets--Grant and Contract Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA)
Other Training
User Access TAC Training
Yale E-Travel