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Learning Center Course Schedule

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Course Date
Business Writing Nov 6, 13
Making Your Resume Work for You Nov 6, 13
Pathways I Nov 7, 9, 16
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Employees Nov 8
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Supervisors Nov 8
FOCUS: Goal Setting for Supervisors and Employees Nov 8
Introduction to Design and Typography at Yale Nov 8, 10
Preparing for the Job Interview Nov 8, 15
Supervisory Training Program: Managing UP Nov 10
Supervisory Training Program: What to Say and How to Say It for NEW Supervisors & Managers Nov 13
Retirement Seminar for M&P and FAC Nov 13, 15, 21
Considering Guests with Disabilities When Planning Meetings and Events Nov 14
Customer Service for Front Line Service Providers Nov 14
Hiring Foreign Nationals Nov 15
Supervisory Training Program: Shifting Perspectives Nov 27
Creating a Career Plan Nov 28
Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation in the Workplace Nov 29
Managing Emotion and Thriving Under Pressure Nov 30
What to Say and How to Say It for Supervisors & Managers Nov 30
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop I Dec 5
Strategies for Successful Time Management Dec 5
Self-Esteem for Women presented by Fred Pryor Dec 7
Pathways I Dec 11, 12, 13
Being Part of a Successful Team Dec 14