International Update
One-on-One Conversations at Yale

Volunteer Across Cultures!

Community volunteers are urgently needed for One-on-One Conversations at Yale, a program that matches students and scholars at Yale from the international community of over 110 countries with English-speaking conversation partners from the Yale and New Haven communities. Many new students and scholars have just arrived to begin their work or studies in the U.S. and can benefit greatly from the opportunity to make community connections - especially by meeting Americans (or those familiar with the culture), practicing English and becoming more familiar with U.S. culture in general.

Right now, there are over 35 students and scholars from the international community who have expressed keen interest in being matched with an English language partner. The time commitment is minimal (one hour a week for four weeks minimum). By participating in the program, everyone involved has the opportunity to expand and refine cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, as well as to spread goodwill in an increasingly international community.

Interested individuals can get details or sign up for One-on-One Conversations on the web at or by e-mailing