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Best Practices Will Advance with Full-Time Yale Facilitators

Since the settlement of the current labor-management agreements, the Best Practices initiative has grown in size and scope. Its two major goals are to increase Yale’s overall productivity and quality and to improve the workplace culture. The union-management partnership relies on learning new behaviors that involve listening, compromise and consensus. The Unions and the University are committing significant resources to ensure that Best Practices principles become an everyday part of the Yale workplace. To this end, plans are being formulated to recruit and train two Yale employees as facilitators who will support the Joint Departmental Committees (JDCs) and work with the Best Practices Director to build an internal capability to provide for growth of the overall initiative.

Currently, the Best Practices work groups, from the Policy Board and the Initiative Steering Committee, who lead the program campus-wide, to the individual JDCs, who work on projects within their own departments, rely on the training and facilitation expertise of the internationally known consulting firm, Restructuring Associates Inc. (RAI). The new Yale facilitators will be trained by RAI.

More information about when these positions will be posted will soon follow. In the meantime, the entire campus community can celebrate this important step toward achieving the very positive goals of the Best Practices union-management partnership
at Yale.