Procurement sends its congratulations to the SciQuest deployment teams at the Med School and on Science Hill! All business offices are "on-board" and using SciQuest. Goal #1 has been successfully achieved. Onward to goal #2: transitioning VIP phone ordering to SciQuest.

• SciQuest deployment is on the fast track at the Med School and on Science Hill. All appropriate Med School and Science Hill VIP ordering moves to SciQuest effective 11/1/06. All VIP phone ordering moves to SciQuest effective 1/1/07.
• Departments may elect to use Procurement resources to setup users or they can request user access via START.
• (50) Hands-on classes are available through 1/1/07 at the Learning Center to accommodate users from any department.
• Dedicated classes are being held at Medicine and Science Hill.

SciQuest “Cart Change” successfully introduced mid-September:
• New shopping cart layout makes changing profile values (charging instructions and shipping instructions) clearer and easier
• New PO preview function lets you see the POs that will result from your requisition
• New “Initiator” field allows you to capture who requested the goods or services
• Simplified allocation of charges using improved split charging and saved cart features
SciQuest Implementation Survey Results

NOTE: All training materials have been updated to reflect new cart changes. Visit for a fresh participant guide and new online tutorials. A new “Welcome Packet” is also available for first-time users.