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Alice Tangredi-Hannon Joins Team : Update on the 100-Day Plan

On September 25, Alice Tangredi-Hannon joined the Office of Research Administration team at Yale in the position of research compliance officer, reporting to Andy Rudczynski, associate vice president for Research Administration and Shauna King, vice president for Finance and Administration. Alice’s initial areas of focus will be policies and training. Alice joined Yale from the University of Pennsylvania where she served as the Institutional Compliance Officer. Her accomplishments there included the implementation of a new web-based effort reporting system as well as the development and implementation of a certification program for staff involved in the financial administration of sponsored research projects. Alice is actively engaged on the 100-Day Plan for improving research administration (for background on the 100-Day Plan, please see related article in the September issue of BMMN) with responsibility for the Effort Reporting, Training, Policy Implementation, and Roles and Responsibilities initiatives.

Progress on the 100-Day Plan, which began on August 1 and will conclude at the beginning of November, has continued during the month of September. One significant activity that has involved business offices during the past month is the accelerated roll out of the SciQuest purchasing tool (see related article). During the month of October, a number of other initiatives will move from planning and design into the implementation stage. As a result, business offices will see a number of additional changes during the coming weeks. Specific communications with details about these items will be forthcoming. These items include:

• Upfront, centralized review and approval of cost transfers on federal sponsored research projects;
• A new effort reporting form and a modified procedure for certifying effort reports;
• New and updated policies related to the financial administration of sponsored research grants;
• Training for business office staff on financial administration of sponsored research projects;
• A quick reference guide for faculty regarding financial administration of sponsored research projects;
• Training for faculty regarding financial administration of sponsored research projects; and
• A new Comprehensive Account Holder Report for Principal Investigators for reviewing the financial status of their sponsored projects on a regular basis.

The purpose of the 100-Day Plan is to accelerate improvements that were already underway in the area of financial administration of sponsored research. In addition, work is underway to understand and address long-term improvement needs beyond this 100-day time frame. If you have suggestions for improvements to research administration activities at Yale, please e-mail Andrew Rudczynski, AVP for Research Administration, at with a subject line of “Research Administration Improvement Opportunity”.