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Campus Mail Tips: Reasons to Use P.O. Box Numbers

Why use a post office box number instead of a street address?

-- Box numbers tell the U.S. Postal Service and Campus Mail which department to deliver to if multiple departments are in one building.
-- Your mail speeds through the U.S. Postal Service as it is quickly read by a machine, not a person.
-- Box numbers allow your mail to be delivered the same day campus mail receives it. Mail is taken off the U.S. mail truck and put directly onto our mail truck for delivery that morning to your department.
-- Box numbers are cost-effective for Yale as Mail Services does not need to pay overtime to hand sort your mail.
-- Box numbers provide consistent address format for readability and accuracy.
-- Box numbers save you time and effort when your department moves since the box moves with you.  Campus Mail simply redirects mail to your new location.  No lost mail as your mail does not have to be forwarded. 

Think about it - quick service, cost-effectiveness, and accurate delivery.  Why would you want to use a street address instead of your box number?