P-Card Renewals and Cancellations

Yale Purchasing Card Renewals and Cancellations

Many of Yale’s Purchasing Cards will expire on midnight, October 31, 2006. As a result, JPMorgan Chase is printing replacement cards starting on September 1st and in late September, they will issue replacement cards. In preparation for the reissuing of cards, please submit any cancellation requests to the Purchasing Card Office no later than Friday, August 30th.

How do I determine if a cancellation is necessary?
Review BUG 701a Purchasing Card Cardholders report to determine if cancellations are necessary. Cancel cards when cardholders are no longer in your department or when cardholders have left the University. If you do not have access or need help running the BUG report, please contact the Purchasing Card Office ( or 432-3227) and request a report for your organization or department.

How do I submit a cancellation?
You may submit cancellations and changes via email to or you may use the appropriate Cardholder Change form, located at the Yale Policies and Procedures | Procurement | Purchasing Card. If you have several changes, simply note the changes on your report and send them to the Purchasing Card Office to make the changes.

How will new cards be distributed?
Individual Purchasing Cards will be sent to Purchasing Cardholders’ home addresses unless there is an alternate address on file in the Human Resource database. Department Purchasing Cards will be available for pick up at BOP and Medical School Forum meetings as well as in the Purchasing Card Office.

What else needs to be done?
o Cardholders should dispose of old cards by shredding or cutting them up, and then discarding the pieces.
o Cardholders must activate their new cards upon receipt and before use. Directions for activation will be included in the mailing.
o Cardholders should review the recently revised Yale Purchasing Card and Expense Management procedures reflecting changes and the addition of the Expense Management System (EMS.)

If you have any questions, please contact