Yale Buying Guide

NEW Yale University Buying Guide!

The new Yale University Buying Guide is your one-stop reference for where to buy goods and services for Yale University business. Simply choose a commodity from the drop-down menu and go! The buy-pay approach, source with contact information, buyer information and much more are now at your fingertips.

The Buying Guide replaces the old Purchasing Matrix and the Procurement Wizard. It guides you on how to buy and pay in accordance with University policies and procedures. Additionally, the Contract Listing has now been integrated into the Buying Guide. That said, the Buying Guide is much more than the Contract Listing. It now also displays Yale Internal Service Providers, Yale Stockroom suppliers; SciQuest enabled suppliers and our Buy-New Haven suppliers. These sources can now be sorted by type and easily identified by their icons.

For your convenience, there are two main views of the Buying Guide. The Complete List will display as the default when you open the guide. This will enable you to see all commodities as well as source information at one time. If you prefer a collapsed view of just commodities, use the Commodity List.

With many recent improvements to buy-pay approaches, your feedback is important to us to ensure that we provide you with clear guidance on sourcing and buy-pay approaches. If you have comments or suggestions on the new Yale University Buying Guide, please contact