Expenditure Type 725400 Eliminated for Student Labor

A Recent History of Student Employment Expenditure Types:
A few years ago the accounting of student labor at Yale, particularly in association with Federal Work-study funding, underwent significant changes. These changes were in response to the creation of the Provost’s 50/50 split program and the overall increase of wage rates paid to students working on Yale’s campus. Prior to these changes, specific expenditure types were required to identify various students: 725500 identified federal work-study students, 725400 identified international students, and 725300 identified students who fell into neither of the two previous categories.

After the aforementioned accounting changes, however, expenditure type 725300 was altered to be used with all hourly payments for students; 725500 was changed to represent Central Accounting’s processing of the 50/50 split on monthly account statements; and 725400 was no longer utilized. Any student labor charges made with expenditure types other than 725300 were automatically changed in the payroll process to the correct type.

Expenditure Type 725400 eliminated
Because the expenditure type 725400 no longer has practical use, it is being eliminated as an option for student labor expenditure types. It is requested that no one use this expenditure type while it is being phased out.

If you have any questions about this change, feel free to contact Matthew Long in Student Employment at or Financial Support Services at