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Aetna Alert

Alert: Aetna Participants

The Benefits Office was recently made aware of the following:

Spam email notices about "Claim Activity on Aetna Navigator," or some variation of that subject, are circulating the Internet and appear to be coming from Aetna or Aetna Navigator.

If you receive such an email, simply delete it. Do NOT click on any of the links. In most cases, the links contained in the email redirect the member to a website other than Aetna’s.

These emails are purely a spam scheme unrelated to Aetna. There is no connection between these emails and the products and services offered by Aetna.

Email addresses used in this spam scheme were not obtained from Aetna.
They are being sent at random. Your Personal Health Information has not been compromised or breached.

Aetna does send email to members if there has been recent claim activity or to advise of information related to wellness or health plan benefits from Aetna. You can identify legitimate email from Aetna by the link provided in the email: If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an Aetna email notice, please log on to Aetna Navigator to check your account directly or call Aetna customer service at the toll-free number on your Aetna ID card.

If you have questions about spam or managing your email, please contact your IT support provider ( ) or the ITS Help Desk (785-3200, 432-9000,