Administrative Services
Mail Pick Up


Campus Mail carriers never know what they will find waiting for them when they enter a building to drop off the daily US and campus mail and pick up any outgoing mail. There may be cardboard boxes full of outgoing mail, or plastic bags stuffed to the point of bursting with large campus mailings.

As you prepare outgoing mail, please keep in mind:

1. USE WHITE BUCKETS FOR OUTGOING MAIL. Cardboard boxes break, plastic bags tear and are not acceptable containers for the US Postal Service. White buckets are designed to stay rigid and have handles for easy carrying in our system and the US Postal Service. Please do not use anything except white buckets for your outgoing mail. Your Campus Mail driver may have empty buckets on the truck, or call the Campus Mail office (4-9310) 24 hours in advance of your pick up to request extra empty white buckets. We will be glad to deliver several to you the following day.

2. NOTIFY CAMPUS MAIL IN ADVANCE OF ANY UNUSUALLY HEAVY MAILING. This would be any large mailing consisting of two or more buckets of mail. When the mail trucks are loaded every morning, the mail clerks must plan ahead for large mailings that they are aware of. If we have not been notified of your large mailing, we may not be able to take it that day as it may not fit on our truck.

3. PROPERLY PREPARE YOUR LARGE MAILINGS. All large mailings sent out via campus mail must be presorted by the sending department.

MAILINGS CONTAINING MAIL CODES: Sort by mail code. Rubber band each code of two or more separately.

MAILING TO CENTRAL AREA: Sort by street address. Rubber band each address of two or more separately. For example, all for 17 Hillhouse would go in one bundle, 10 Hillhouse would be in another bundle.

MAILING TO MEDICAL AREA: Sort by department. Rubber band each department separately.
Our goal is always to deliver all campus mail the following business day. Help us speed your mail through the system by correctly preparing outgoing mail.