Furniture Savings

Procurement: Furniture Savings

Buying Office Furniture: You asked for it --- you got it!

As part of the University’s ongoing procurement improvement initiative, Yale Purchasing Services recently conducted a Furniture Procurement Satisfaction Survey to solicit your input and ideas on how they can best meet your office furniture procurement needs. You told Purchasing that choice is important, lower-end suppliers are needed and that easy access and ordering is critical. In response to your feedback, the University has taken a number of steps to ensure that you have a great choice of office-furniture supplier contracts that will provide you with excellent value.

Key contract features to meet your furniture needs:

More choice - There are more dealers to choose from including BKM, Corporate Express, McCabe, Solidus and Waldner’s. These dealers carry many lines of furniture produced by manufacturers including Hon, Kimball, Knoll, National and Steelcase.

Competitive pricing – All of our preferred dealers offer many levels of furniture with a wide variety of price points.

Enhanced customer service – To ensure your satisfaction, Purchasing will continue to engage your feedback in quarterly satisfaction surveys and monitor the results.

Easy online ordering through SciQuest – BKM, Corporate Express and Solidus are available in SciQuest today. Look for and Waldner’s and McCabe to be included in the coming weeks.

Making the Right Choice

With several suppliers available to choose from and several different types of needs, how do you know which will supplier has the best value (product selection, pricing and service) to meet your needs? This selection aid below can help you understand the various approaches you might take and ultimately a supplier to meet your specific needs:

If you need filing cabinets or other miscellaneous small office furniture, shop online via the SciQuest eProcurement solution for discounts on select Hon furniture with Corporate Express.

If you need of one or a few pieces of office furniture for an office or an entire suite, contact a preferred supplier from the Yale Contract Listing or Purchasing Services for guidance and assistance. The appropriate Buy-Pay approach is described on the Contract Listing for each supplier. You may also find it helpful to consult the Office Furniture Matrix to cross-reference furniture distributors with the major furniture manufacturers that they carry if you are looking for a particular brand of furniture.

If you are involved in a large-scale construction or renovation project in which a furniture manufacturer has been specified, work with your Yale Facilities Construction project management team directly or contact Tony Kulikowski in Purchasing Services at 432-9964 or

For more information regarding the purchasing of Furniture or to see model offices, demonstration models and ergonomic configurations, please contact Tony Kulikowski at 432-9964, or Sun-Ae Kim at 432-9981,