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Shauna King Announces New AVP Position

Dear Colleagues,

President Levin recently declared the University's absolute commitment to administering its research grants and contracts with the utmost integrity, highest ethical standards and fullest regulatory compliance. I would like to share with you some of the steps taken to support the commitment pledged by the President.

President Levin and the Officers have created the position of Associate Vice President for Research Administration, which carries with it responsibility for developing and implementing a long-term integrated strategy for providing high quality administrative support and compliance oversight for the research enterprise at Yale. The AVP's initial focus will be on grant and contract financial management across the university. The Grants and Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) unit will report to the new AVP, and the new AVP position will report to me with a dual report to the Provost.

With the recent announcement of Jan Ackerman's retirement, the anticipated arrival of our new AVP, Andew Rudczynski (see press release below), and as further indication of the importance of making real progress in this area, effective immediately, GCFA will report directly to my office. Stephen Murphy, the Director of Business Services Improvement, will serve as Interim Director of Research Administration, overseeing GCFA on my behalf. In his current post, Steve has been working to improve the cost, quality, and efficiency of administrative services around the University. In that capacity, he has built a reputation as an effective change leader. He joined the University in 2001 as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Office of Cooperative Research, which is responsible for patenting and licensing the University's technology. Prior to working for Yale, he served in various finance and business development positions in the private sector. Steve earned his B.A. in economics from Yale.

Fran Dykstra will continue as Director of GCFA and will report to Steve. In addition, Bob Davis, Director of RIS, who has extensive experience in business process redesign within universities and other complex organizations, will be helping Steve with his new duties. We have also engaged the Huron Consulting Group, experts in the field of research administration, to help accelerate our improvement efforts. The past year has brought considerable change and improvement to GCFA, and I am confident these additional steps will build on this momentum and bring about further progress.

Our most urgent priorities for GCFA are implementing a new Effort Reporting policy and system; reducing cost transfers; streamlining work processes; strengthening internal controls; and providing improved training and education for researchers, lab personnel, and administrators. To succeed in these efforts we will need to involve people from across the University's research enterprise, including faculty, departmental grant administrators, and others involved in the grant process.

I look forward to working with you and your staff to make Yale an even better place for teaching and research.

Shauna King
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Press Release: Yale Names New Associate Vice President for Research Administration

New Haven - Andrew B. Rudczynski has been named Associate Vice President for Research Administration at Yale University effective September 1, President Richard C. Levin has announced.

Rudczynski has served as Associate Vice President for Finance and Executive Director, Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania since 1999. In that role he has been responsible for managing the administrative support for Penn's sponsored research effort.

Rudczynski will assume a new position created by Yale to provide more focused responsibility for the University's systems and processes regarding research administration, accounting, and improved compliance programs. The position, which reflects recommendations made by an expert outside consultant retained by Yale last year, will report to both the Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

"We are pleased to have Andrew bring his talents and experience to this important new position at Yale," Levin said. "I am confident he will make a major contribution to our efforts to improve our grant and contract administration practices and provide better support to our faculty performing sponsored research."

At Yale, Rudczynski will initially be responsible for oversight of the operations of Grant and Contract Financial Administration and for Research Fiscal Compliance. Rudczynski will subsequently take responsibility for oversight of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences Grants and Contracts and the School of Medicine Grants and Contracts offices. Working with the Provost's Office, he will ultimately assume managerial responsibility for other compliance areas of Yale's grants and contracts, including conflict of interest avoidance, biosafety, animal care and other matters. Consolidation of these functions at Yale is expected to provide more seamless coordination and integration of policies, procedures and reporting systems.

Before joining Penn, Rudczynski was Associate Vice President for Research Policy and Administration at Rutgers University, where he was responsible for all aspects of research support at Rutgers, including grant and contract administration, institutional review board, technology transfer and animal care.

Prior to his 16-year career at Rutgers, Rudczynski worked in research administration at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, as a research scientist at the Michigan Cancer Foundation, and as a principal investigator at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

He holds a B.Sc. in biology and biochemistry from McGill; a Ph.D. in immunology from Syracuse; and an M.B.A. from Southern Illinois University.

Rudczynski was a member of the executive committee of the Council on Governmental Relations, was chair of its Research Compliance and Administration committee and was a member of the editorial advisory board of Guide to Managing Federal Grants to Colleges and Universities. He was a charter awardee of the Distinguished Service Award of the National Council of University Research Administrators.