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The New Online MEDEX Portal

As part of Yale’s Travel Assistance Program through MEDEX, before you leave and while you are traveling, you can now: access destination information for 173 countries; view details of Yale’s MEDEX program; and contact the MEDEX Emergency Response Center directly.  All you need is an internet connection.

Some of the many portal highlights include the ability to:

  • Search by City/Country in the Travel Tools section for detailed World Watch reports with real time status information
  • View specifics about culture, transportation, currency, entry/exit requirements, weather and more by using additional World Watch features in the Travel Tools section
  • Check the World Watch Country Threat Ratings and the government’s Crisis and Warning List to see the current issues of note
  • Navigate to a destination via a World Map to find local hospitals, embassies, airports, museums and other points of interest including ATM locations
  • Link to the U.S. State Department Warnings as well as other foreign government sites.
  • Go to Hot Spots for a daily update of critical global events
  • Link to the Global Monitoring page for real-time World Watch intelligence on events as they unfold
  • Locate a provider or facility using the Hospital/Doctor/finder tool
  • Contact the MEDEX Member Emergency Response Center directly online for assistance.

It only takes minutes to set up your personal account for access to all of this information. Instructions can be found on the Risk Management web site at: For more information on our MEDEX program or the new portal, contact Vicki Ramsay at 2-8258 or

If Faculty or Students in your department are traveling overseas, there are new tools available to help ensure they are prepared for what they may encounter in another country.  The MEDEX portal is just one facet of an overall foreign travel plan recently established.  Other components include a pre-trip orientation, a pre-trip checklist for travelers, an orientation for Faculty Trip Leaders, or for Trip Sponsors, and a template for an emergency plan for use by leaders or travelers in the event of an emergency while traveling.  If you would like more information on this program, please contact Vicki Ramsay or Marje Lemmon at 2-0140, or