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Phone Book Improvements

Online Phone Book Improvements

Over the past couple of months Human Resources, ITS and Campus Mail have been working together to implement improvements to the Yale's Online Phone Book. Their goal is to give people outside of the Yale community correct mailing information for the people they are corresponding with at Yale. Every Yale employee has a mail code for his department, and each mail code now has its own valid US Mail address. When a name is accessed in the Phone Book, its corresponding mail code will generate an address that can be used for U.S. mail.

Each person should provide the correct US Post Office box number for the location where he wants his mail delivered, which can be used when people do not know where to send his mail.

Many people have multiple appointments and may not work in the same building that houses their department's main business office. In such cases these new addresses may not be entirely accurate, but they should be sufficient to direct each individual's mail to his department's main business office from which it may then be forwarded without delay. If an employee changes his mail code in order to change his mailing address in the Phone Book, the delivery address for his payroll check or deposit receipt will also change.

The Phone Book will also show the building address for each employee's main departmental business office is also shown. If this address is not the correct address of your business office, please have someone in your business office contact Campus Mail, preferably by email, with the correct information. Contact Lynne at

Correct addressing is important to avoid delays in the US Postal Service and address look-up at Campus Mail. Help Campus Mail speed your mail to you by always providing a correct Post Office Box address.