SciQuest to Replace VIP Phone Orders 1/07

SciQuest to Replace VIP Phone Orders 1/07

In January 2007, “VIP Phone” orders (university-wide contract phone orders) will be discontinued as will the use of the ePortal for Office Supplies, Computer, Computer Supplies and Lab Supplies will be discontinued. This transition is being streamlined to simplify the buying process while improving controls. The SciQuest electronic procurement solution features up-front collection and validation of charging, automated workflow for approvals, and access to hundreds of university-wide contract suppliers.

To make this transition, ALL eligible departmental orders will need to be processed through SciQuest starting December 31, 2006. In preparation for these changes, most departments have already converted to SciQuest and should continue the transition process. Department administrators who have not yet begun to implement SciQuest should start implementing SciQuest no later than September 30, 2006.

• Buying through SciQuest is getting very high marks! (See comments below from colleagues who are already using SciQuest.)
• Yale University Procurement is prepared to help ensure your success!
• Don’t wait! Based upon experience, this implementation can take time to roll out.

Patience Benassi, Administrator of Neurobiology:
Neurobiology rolled out SciQuest to just one post-doc to start. His experience was so positive others wanted to get on board (and they did)...SciQuest has been a positive improvement for the business office purchasing process from start to finish of each transaction.

Charlene Rohloff, Administrator for Internal Medicine
It is going wonderfully. The more the staff uses it (SciQuest), the more they love it. (Internal Medicine, has experienced a 50% decrease in VIP phone orders and a 70% increase in SciQuest usage.)

Steven Gentile, Cinical Administrator, Neurosurgery
We are very pleased with the SciQuest application. It has changed the ordering process from a tedious chore to a pleasant shopping experience. SciQuest has significantly streamlined the way we search for products, compare prices and process orders. The purchase order appears the next day as an accounting commitment, increasing the ease and accuracy of the financial reporting process.

The following Q&A will give you a snapshot of the University’s current progress with SciQuest and provide further information on how to either begin the rollout process or follow through on an implementation that is already underway.

What is the status of the SciQuest deployment?

Over 65% of the departments across the University are realizing the time-saving benefits of using SciQuest for their purchases. Key factors contributing to the success of these and other leading departments include:
• Leadership commitment and support
• Monitoring and follow-up to ensure full use of the tool
• Use of SciQuest deployment team (for Consulting, Training, Communications, Metrics)

To provide insight into the SciQuest implementation experience, please view the most recent deployment metrics.

What do I do to get started now?


Business Administrators just beginning to implement SciQuest:
Contact Michelle Valerio at 432-6995 to discuss an implementation date for your unit (implementation must be before September 30, 2006).

Thoroughly read the following information on how to orchestrate your implementation:

Provide access to users: For those departments that submit their initial user set-up information to Procurement by July 15, 2006, Procurement will enter them into the START system on your behalf! Simply complete the user access spreadsheet and submit via email to

Arrange for and offer training where needed. Select online, classroom or both:

o Self-service online

o Register for hands-on training with the Learning Center:
 Lab Supplies:
 Office and Computer Supplies:

Continue your rollout with a goal of 90-100% of your transactions going through SciQuest by December 31, 2006.

Business Administrators already live with SciQuest:

Contact Michelle Valerio 432-6995 to discuss how to best transition all remaining users.

Continue your rollout with a goal of 90-100% of your transactions going through SciQuest by December 31, 2006.

Finally, Procurement invites everyone to provide feedback about the solution to so we can continue to make it better. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance with your SciQuest rollout. Procurement looks forward working with you toward a successful deployment in your unit!