Satifaction Survey Results

Procurement Satisfaction Survey Results

Your feedback is important to us and will help to guide future improvements. Here are the highlights of what you told us:

Customer Service Satisfaction:
Purchasing Services: 78%
Accounts Payable: 49% (Target 60%)
Purchasing Card: 88%
QA & Compliance: 59%
Overall Procurement: 68% (Target 65%)

Procurement Tools & Processes:
Buying Tools & Processes: 65% (Target 60%)
Paying Tools & Processes: 55% (Target 65%)

Top things that you would like changed or improved in Procurement:
1. Quicker responses to inquires/phone calls
2. Better communication with departments especially regarding holds and bounces
3. Better assistance with correcting and addressing problems

Your favorite Buy-Pay tool/process:
1. PCard (hands down favorite)

Your least favorite Buy-Pay tool/process:
1. Paper POs

Thank you for participating in the semi-annual Procurement Satisfaction Survey!