International Update
Tax Office Appointments


It is imperative that all new international students, scholars, faculty members and other visitors receiving any payments through the University payroll system (e.g., stipends, fellowships, wages, etc.) must meet with the University Tax Office prior to receipt of payment.

At this meeting, a member of the Tax Office will review the individual’s tax status to determine proper tax withholding, including whether the he is eligible to claim a reduced income tax withholding rate pursuant to a tax treaty. The Tax Office will also determine if payments to the individual are exempt from Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax withholding. International students and scholars under the University’s sponsorship have been notified of this University service and instructed to contact the University Tax Office in order to schedule an appointment upon their arrival. Please visit the International Tax office website at for more information regarding payments to international individuals.

Due to the high volume of appointments at the beginning of each semester, the department administrator may wish to schedule an appointment for an individual in advance or remind the individual of this University service. If an individual has not been set up on the Payroll system prior to meeting with the Tax Office, he will need to provide documentation from the department regarding his position (e.g., postdoctoral fellow, postdoctoral associate, etc.) and type of payment (e.g., stipend, fellowship, wage) at the appointment.

International students and scholars may schedule appointments through the International Tax Office website at In addition, department administrators may schedule an appointment on behalf of an international student or scholar using this website. The University Tax Office will continue to schedule appointments for those individuals who do not have access to the internet or have difficulty scheduling an appointment online. To schedule an appointment with the Tax Office directly, please call 432-5530 or 432-5597 or email or If an individual cannot make the scheduled appointment, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, please notify the Tax Office immediately so that another individual can be scheduled for this time.

During the months of July, August, and September, appointments will be scheduled Monday - Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.