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MAIL TIP: Green Stickers Require Attention

Does your incoming U.S. mail have green stickers on it? If so, these stickers are to remind you that the item arrived with an insufficient address, which required additional time and manpower to correct and get it to you. Most likely your post office box number was not used. Therefore, your address had to be looked up and the correct information had to be applied to properly direct your mail.

Read the sticker, paying close attention to the proper address format
Take a minute to write, email or call your correspondents to correct
your address
Pat yourself on the back for a good job!

Each day thousands of pieces are received at Campus Mail without a post office box number. Your P.O. box is a REAL U.S. Post Office box, not an internal sort. ONLY use your street address when an item is being sent to you bya private carrier such as United Parcel Service or Federal Express

Don't let your mail be delayed. When you find a green sticker on your mail, take a few minutes right away to correct the address.